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Supporting our Local Community

At Insight we are committed to making a difference to our community by donating to local charities every month, we have a number of charities that we support regularly as we believe in trying to make a difference in every way we can.

Here is a brief summary of the Local charities that we support.

EDS Essex Air Ambulance


Our Managing Director also got out and about in the community this month by supporting a Local Pre-School Fairways with a donation of £250 to go towards soft Flooring and play equipment.


As well as supporting local charities the Insight Team has decided to take on Tough Mudder UK on Sunday 27th September in order to raise money for the charity FPIES UK.


FPIES UK is a charity that brings awareness to the condition FPIES which is a severe and potentially life threatening form of food allergy. The team are helping the charity to educate and increase awareness within the medical community.

We would really appreciate any donation that you can give and thank you for taking the time to support the Insight Team. If you would like to donate please click on the sponsor me button below.

Just Giving