Construction Industry

How can we save you tax?


The question most often asked by our construction clients is "how do I reduce my tax liability?"

As a contractor, you work long hours and work hard to satisfy the needs of your clients, but can you be sure that you are only paying the legal minimum in tax to HM Revenue and Customs and getting the most reward for your efforts?

All accountants should have basic knowledge on how they can legally lower the tax liability of your business, However, there are no set rules on how to achieve this in practice and it is up to each accountant how they apply their expertise. Insight have a number of clients within the construction industry so invested a lot of time in creating unique solutions that go beyond basic tax planning, as well as using the more common ones in new ways.

Some examples of things Insight look at to save you tax:;

  • Business Structure
  • Extracting Money from your Business
  • Expense Claims
  • Purchasing Assets
  • Pension Planning
  • Business Costs
  • Using Investments

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